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Bad Metaphor

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Bad Metaphor

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Bad Metaphor Generator is an interactive artwork inspired by the ideas of philosopher Graham Harman and the broader landscape of contemporary philosophy. Drawing from the principles of Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO), phenomenology, and post-structuralism, this piece offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection and discovery through the juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated objects and concepts.

Central to Harman's philosophy is the idea of "asymmetrical causation" and the notion that objects have their own internal reality, independent of our perception. Bad Metaphor reflects these ideas by generating unpredictable and often nonsensical metaphors that highlight the asymmetry between the paired subjects, creating an opportunity for you to engage in philosophical contemplation.

As an interactive artwork, Bad Metaphor invites you to engage with the generator on a deeply personal level, you to stumble upon unexpected connections and explore the mysterious relationships between objects and concepts that populate our world, reminding you that even the most unlikely pairings can spark profound insights. The artwork serves as a catalyst for philosophical contemplation - these are merely words on a screen - You get to interpret it any way you want.

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