Creative Team

Idea, Direction, Performance: Angela Wai Nok Hui, Ghost and John

Sound and music: Angela Wai Nok Hui

Archive film manipulation and projections: Ghost Chan

Text: John Chan

3-D visuals for projection: Jeffrey Choy

Stage management: Bonnie Chan

Facilitation: Hidden Keileon CICThomas Page DanceShivaangee Agrawal

Venue partner: Streatham Space Project & Old Fire Station

Rehearsal space support: Chisenhale Dance Space & Papergang Theatre

Bitter Moves Sweet Truths

Angela Wai Nok Hui
Ghost and John

Last Christmas, a new telescope was sent into space and is now wandering in the dark and mysterious galaxy - is this how we, as artists, feel when we go deep into our consciousness in search of what makes us feel alive?


On this multi-sensory journey, we navigate the dilemmas of politics, sickening racial attacks, and the widening gap between the ‘successful’ and ‘starving’ artist figure, moving with and through the audience.


Together they look at what creative exchange and artist alliance means in a world where the arts are under threat, and how to project a healthier future in the post-pandemic world.


This dynamic promenade piece will merge dance with soundscapes & projections, transporting you to a place of calm that strives to build connections through art.


It is a dream that has not come true.
/ Live Recording at Streatham Space Project | London in Mar 2022 and original soundtracks.
/ Surpris(ingly deep) content only available after purchased download

released May 27, 2022

Album artwork: Jeffrey Choy
Presented by Hidden Keileon