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Concept and performance: Angela Wai Nok HuiGhost and John

Producer: Eve Veglio-Hüner

Projection visuals and design: Jeffrey Choy

Curator: Sandra Lam 

Dramaturg: Bonnie Chan

Dramatherapist: Yu-Hsuan Lin
Audio Description: Shivaangee Agrawal
BSL Interpretation: Jemima Hoadley
Singer-songwriter: Lucid Fuzzy

Facilitation: Hidden Keileon CIC

Venue partner: Streatham Space Project

Rehearsal space support: ICA London, Centre 151, Rich Mix, Chisenhale Dance Space & Papergang Theatre

Immersive experimental theatre with 3-screen projection, live sound and music, dance, and spoken text

Shortlisted for Untapped Award 2023


Without relying on Peter Pan's pixie dust, we repeatedly leap out of windows, defying limitations in our pursuit of a life well-lived.


As migrant activist artists, we constantly improvise, using our creativity as a means of survival. Drawing parallels to stargazers who stare at galaxies light-years away, we yearn for understanding and connection in a world that often feels alienating. Our hearts hold onto glimpses of hope as we navigate treacherous landscapes. Our wild wanderings fuel our determination to find kindred spirits who truly comprehend our experiences.


With a fusion of innovative storytelling and captivating artistry, we present a poignant portrayal of the human spirit's tenacity, and invite you to contemplate the universal longing for connection and a life lived authentically

2022 Edition:

It is a dream that has not come true.
/ Live Recording at Streatham Space Project | London in Mar 2022 and original soundtracks.
/ Surpris(ingly deep) content only available after purchased download

Released May 27, 2022

Album artwork: Jeffrey Choy
Presented by Hidden Keileon

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