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Cart Noodle Show / Hybrid of Game Show and Storytelling Night (2021)

Manifested as an online interactive game show, “Cart Noodle Cart” is a new work by the London-based Hong Kong Trio ShumGhostJohn, in collaboration with musician Angela Wai Nok Hui and designer Jeffrey Choy


The show looks into the history of Cart Noodle, a popular street food that was created by Mainland Chinese refugees in Hong Kong during the 1950s. With the new BNO visa opens for application for Hongkongers to move to Britain, we tell the story of a new wave of contemporary migrants with fake myths and children’s games.


ShumGhostJohn, as hosts, compete with the participants, who form a team themselves, by presenting challenges that hinders them in gaining a higher score. With an in-achievable goal, the show aims at creating a time-limited target for the team to hit collectively, yet understanding that there is something lurking in the background, not allowing them to win.

"Since most audiences will involve themselves with participation enthusiastically, it was interesting to note how disillusionment quickly set in."

- Nick Swyft, Mark Aspen Reviews
Fantastic Frustration - Cart Noodle Show (Review)

"I loved Cart Noodle show. A fun interactive experience that deforms into disillusionment and dystopia; it packs a poignant punch. The viewer becomes the subject of a gamified system that is designed to disenfranchise them. The political implications of the work are clear but sophisticated. One is left feeling both entertained and with a deep sadness about what has been lost.  The exciting visual world ShumGhostJohn are able to conjure in their white walled flat is an impressive testament to their endless creativity."
- Kim Pearce, British Theatre Director

"Cart Noodle Show by ShumGhostJohn is a witty, fun and exciting game show for trying times like this. In the midst of the humour and fun of the game, what they really care about is embedded within the show and their artistic endeavours. It all reveals itself as the show went on, leaving you thinking about how you feel, what you just participated in and what are some of the effects in the wider contexts."
- Dance Artist Jane Chan, Lecturer at LCDS, The Place

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