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Minute Moonshine


Directors: Ghost and John

Dramaturg: Bonnie Chan

Music and Sound Designer: Angela Wai Nok Hui

Visual Artist and Set Designer: Jeffrey Choy


Production Team
Lighting designer: Anson Chan
Technical manager: Tracy Yip
Sound engineer: Wan San
Stage Manager: Flame Ho
Lighting Designer: Anson Chan
Sound Engineer: Wan San
Assistant Stage Manager: Yoyo Kuro, Katie R
Costume Designer: Katie Lau
Make-up Artist: Daphanie Wong

*The five artists work as a collective with little emphasis on roles

As we deconstructed the cultural phenomena of Hong Kong in the past decades and traced down the colonial roots, the collective Minute Moonshine presented a digital and a theatre production of the same name simultaneously, commissioned by Tai Kwun Hong Kong in October 2021 as Part of Tai Kwun’s “SPOTLIGHT: A Season of Performing Arts”. The project is co-funded by Jockey Club Hong Kong and MGCfutures in London.

At the ARG, a red-dressed woman appeared at a wartime ruin in Hong Kong and encountered the main character, Ah Wing, as they spilt stories of a lost plane departing from London. Meanwhile, the game urged the players to get a ticket from Hong Kong, only to get into a plane crash as the red-dressed woman re-appeared in the theatre performance.

We created a distinctive and new theatrical language with a heavy emphasis on the use of ready-made objects, accessorized costumes, fragmented scenes and immersive experience. The nonlinear storytelling befitted the theme by bending the acknowledgement of now and past, deflecting an anxious and exhausted state of (post)-colonial identity-seeking. The work sustained itself as an uncomfortable and unsettling feeling.


A London Chapter of this production is coming. Stay tuned.

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