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Not a Real Building

Not a Real Building features photorealistic renderings of buildings that never existed, all of which were created by artificial intelligence. By examining millions of images of architectural marvels that humans have created, the AI is able to generate architectural photographs that are both believable and plausible.

These buildings are reflections of how we have constructed our reality through various discourses.

Drawing on post-structuralist theory, this project shows how reality is not something that exists independently of our representations, but rather something that is constructed by our discourses, which are systems of signs, meanings, and power relations.

How do these buildings reflect or subvert certain discourses related to power and civilization? How do they reflect or question the binary oppositions between nature/culture, human/machine, subject/object etc.?

These buildings also challenge us to reflect on our relationship with technology and representation. In a world where AI-generated art is becoming more prevalent, what does it mean for humans to use machines as tools for reflecting on what we have? What does it mean for machines to use humans as sources for reflecting on what looks real? What does it mean for us to reflect on different realities for ourselves?

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