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Out of Breath

Socially Engaged Art Project (Upcoming)

Created by Hidden Keileon

September 2022 - April 2023

How did the use of tear gas affected you and your community?

Tell us about your lived experience for our upcoming cultural programme 'Out of Breath'

‘Out of Breath’ is a socially engaged creative project addressing socio-political urgency, which initiates intercultural conversation and deals with the traumatic legacy of tear gas exposure in social movements around the world. 


Through this project, Hidden Keileon creates a sensory experience for the audience to explore the impacts of tear gas and how air is used as a form of political control as a way to show our concerns about the physical and psychological conditions of individuals in the face of socio-political instabilities. 


Partnering with Wellcome Collection, Bloomsbury Festival, San Mei Gallery and Hoxton Books, we provide a safe and caring space in London inviting people to share their stories about tear gas, how tear gas has been used and its impact on their mental and physical health through research, interviews, workshops and public discussions. 


Working closely with researchers, archivists, health practitioners and art therapists, this project aims to generate inter-racial solidarity among communities which are either ignored, silenced, or neglected due to the political control of air through a collaborative approach and socially engaged creative process. 


The outcomes of this project will be public engagement workshops, immersive theatre experience/performance and an interactive exhibition of collapsible installation accompanying a publication and documentary film that highlights East and South East Asian artists’ efforts and shows how tear gas, which was supposed to disperse people, has brought us together through this creative project.

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