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Paradoxical Gasp

“An entirely unique and enlightening experience”

- Reviewed by Everything Theatre

‘Paradoxical Gasp’ is an experimental event dealing with the traumatic legacy of tear gas exposure around the world. Running across the historical underground spaces of the Crypt Gallery, Hidden Keileon creates a sensory experience for the audience to explore how air is used as a form of political control through immersive performances, interactive exhibitions, music and sound installations.

Through ‘Paradoxical Gasp’, Hidden Keileon is trying out new forms of creativity and new ways of presentation. Rather than a show or an art performance, this is an experiment for us to work with the community and new people. It is a collective journey with all the participants and audiences to look into important social issues and create a caring space for traumatic experiences to be heard.

‘Paradoxical Gasp’ is devised and produced by Hidden Keileon, with venue and equipment support from the Bloomsbury Festival and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. The research for this project has been supported by Wellcome Collection in connection with the exhibition ‘In the Air’ (2022).

Production Team

Hidden Keileon: Bonnie Chan, Jeffrey Choy, Ghost Chan, John Chan, Angela Wai Nok Hui, Sandra Lam
Devising Performers: Vinna Law, Isabella Leung 

Sound Engineer: Nicholas Moroz

Photographer: Jane Lam

Videographer: Michael Mui 

Art psychotherapist: Lily Hsu 

British Sign Language guide: Martin Glover

Editor: KC 

A special thanks to Passion Flower for kind floral support to the event, St Pancras Church for providing venue support for the post-show talk, thisisldm, Superflat, Daviouxx and Shanna Sordahl for music inspiration and support. Many thanks too to anonymous contributors for their generous sharing of stories related to the topic.

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