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Let Your Hand Sings In The Silence

A performance for one actor - and a community - to recreate their own personal history from memory.

Are we shaped by our memories? If you leave your birthplace behind, does that change what you remember? And what happens when you try to revisit those memories, in a new place?

Produced in association with The Marlowe Theatre and presented as part of Refugee Week 2023

PROJEKT EUROPA brings together a multilingual, migrant ensemble and invites them to reconstruct their memories of who they are and where they come from. In a visual, physical performance that blends documentary theatre with movement and music, a mix of professional and community performers recreate their own personal history from memory, interweaving their stories to create something communal out of what at first seems individual.


Director: Maria Aberg

Set and Costume designer: Ana Inés Jabares-Pita

Associate set and costume designer: QianEr Jin

Movement director: Ayse Tashkiran

Lighting designer: Cheng Keng

Sound designer: Jovana Backovic

Video designer: Jeffrey Choy


Dorota Wozniak

Fifi Ramadan

Kateryna Levanets

Khalid Ghaith

Olha Smolyk

Robert Lučkay

Thomas Tegento

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