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Radio Neighbourhood

Director, Script, Sound and Music:
Ghost and John

Curator: Sandra Lam
Movement Deviser: Pui Yung Shum
Voice Actors: Jennifer Lim, Siu-See Hung
Narrator: Daniel York Loh
Live Performers: John Chan, Pui Yung Shum, Yun Cheng and Jason Yip
Photographers: Jeffrey Choy, Jimmi Ho
Graphic Design: Jeffrey Choy

Illustration: Pui Yung Shum

Radio Neighbourhood is a social innovation project transforming British open spaces into grounds for addressing migration and human rights issues through live art.


Commissioned by Deptford X 2021 and Bow Arts Raw Lab and supported by Lewisham Homes!

Facilitation: Hidden Keileon
Presentation Partners: Omnibus Theatre, The Space, Canary Wharf Group
Rehearsal Space Partners: Lewisham Art House, NDT Broadgate

Radio Play on 19 April over NTS Radio in collaboration with Phambinho:

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