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AI powered architectural visualisation art project

Screenshot 2022-09-02 193353.png

Experimental theatre + ARG

Set Design by Jeffrey Choy


Commercial Interior Design

3-stories restaurant design project located in SE1 London given to Bentheim London, and my responsibilities included creating visuals for clients, designing part of the staircases as well as arranging the lighting set up to matches the core design ideas.

Jeffrey Choy_InteriorWorkExamples_Page_04_Image_0003.jpg

Residential Visualisation Work

Residential architectural design project, by Trolliet Design Studio in London


Commercial Interior Design

A snack place design project given to Bentheim London, and my responsibilities are mainly dealing with the visuals, and also assisting designer in layout design

Jeffrey Choy_InteriorWorkExamples_Page_08_Image_0001.jpg

Concept Project

Aims to provide an education space without
the traditional factory model of education with formal classrooms. 

Jeffrey Choy_InteriorWorkExamples_Page_13_Image_0001.jpg

Concept Project

A test project resigning the office for the tech start-up, including a complete zone planning, finishing/material choices, as well as applying graphic identities within the space.

Screenshot 2022-06-02 041416.png
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