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An art project created by a team of London-based art lovers and activists. It aims to preserve and record artworks created throughout the Hong Kong Protests which started in June 2019. The project was funded by supporters at Kickstarter and from continues support by book sales.

The book is created to record this historical period through showcasing numerous artworks. By following and supporting the project, you’ll allow us to continue to record those events before they are lost to government censorship and misinterpretation / distortion of facts.

The money generated from book sales (after deducting the necessary operational costs) will be used to fund the remaining stages of this ongoing project, which includes: further developing the content of the book, and organising exhibitions in order to support Hong Kong pro-democracy movement.



A Hongkong, la bataille mémorielle du mouvement pro-démocratie
(In Hong Kong, the memorial battle of the pro-democracy movement)

- Anne-Sophie Labadie, Libération

History reversed: Hong Kong book industry looks to Taiwan,
combs through back catalogues amid fears over new national security law

- Su Xinqi APF, South China Morning Post

Les éditeurs des auteurs dissidents de Hong Kong tentés de se réfugier à Taïwan

(Hong Kong dissident writers' editors tempted to take refuge in Taiwan)

- Franceinfo Culture

Security Law: Hong Kong authors look for safety and freedom in Taiwan

- Hong Kong Free Press

Jittery Hong Kong authors seek Taiwan safety after security law
- Macau Business

【抗爭一周年】彙編文宣 與匿名出版社合作 全球發行中英文版
(First Anniversary of Resistance -  Compiled publications and Anonymous Publishing House to publish Chinese and English versions globally)

- 立場新聞 Stand News


(Summer without a book fair: Hong Kong book industry that survives under the attack of the epidemic and the national security law)

- 沈如瑩 Ring Shen / 閱讀誌 Openbook

國安法壟罩下 香港出版業風聲鶴唳
(Hong Kong's publishing industry under the domination of the National Security Law)

- 曾惠敏 Zeng Huimin, 公視新聞網PNN

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